Have 8 Really Smart People Teach You How to Design for Mobile

UX Immersion 2014

If you want to design great mobile experiences, then check out these talks from UXIM14:

Available Featured Talks

Headshot of Ben Callahan
Ben Callahan

Dissecting Design

You’ll learn…

  • Improvise solutions—and make it a habit—right out of the gate
  • Focus on the people involved, rather than the process itself
  • Solve problems in whatever medium you’re most comfortable using
  • Make refinements at the very end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Headshot of Luke Wroblewski
Luke Wroblewski

Mobile Behavior and Design Trends

You’ll learn…

  • What’s going to make your whole company focus on mobile
  • How people interact with their mobiles device
  • To think about how people are using your designs on mobile
  • How you can design for this new reality and even create experiences that translate from mobile to laptop to TV
Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

How Do We Design Designers?

You’ll learn…

  • Why design students coming out of school don't know about responsive design or creating mobile apps
  • What's causing our self-taught hackers and C.S. grads having a tough time keeping up with the pace of technology innovation
  • Why our tendency to focus on skills alone isn’t sustainable
  • How we can start investing in the ways we create designers and fuel their growth
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