Dan Brown

EightShapes, a user experience design firm based in Washington, DC, collaborates with their clients to design web sites and other interactive products. They employ user-centered techniques and the latest methods for documenting design. The team at EightShapes does extraordinary work, and when they do something, they do it right. So in considering an online seminar, our talks evolved into a full program of teaching experience design—this desire to share their learning being one of the organization's core values.

Dan Brown is a principal and founder of EightShapes. His experience includes work with National Geographic, Cisco, WebEx, US Department of Energy, US Department of Education, to name just a few. He's written numerous articles in information architecture and design, and in 2006 published Communicating Design, widely considered part of the “UX canon.” Newly updated, the second edition (New Riders, 2010) expands on principles for creating user experience documentation.

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Dan Brown

5 Simple Principles to Improve Your Information Architecture

You’ll learn…

  • Take information architecture beyond hierarchical site maps and explore some of the real challenges facing sites today.
  • Consider navigation menus more rigorously, without them turning into the junk drawer of your web site.
  • Establish ground rules for creating gallery or index pages that point to content to avoid clutter.
  • Understand what techniques most effectively explain the site's underlying structure to visitors.