Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf has worked for many years as a product designer and team leader. These days he's spending more time as a teacher, workshop leader and public speaker. He published and co-authored his first book, Lean UX: Applying lean principles to improve user experience (O’Reilly 2013), and has led successful, cross-functional, collaborative, agile teams at organizations of all sizes.

Jeff mainly focuses on building and training evidence-based, customer-centered product development teams. These teams often utilize lean principles and agile software development.

In 2012, along with Josh Seiden and Giff Constable, Jeff launched a lean product design and innovation studio called Proof in NYC where they worked with companies (big and small) building and designing innovative product ideas while helping those organizations adopt leaner development processes. In late 2012, Proof was acquired by Neo Innovation Labs – a larger organization backed by Eric Ries and Joi Ito with an identical vision. 

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Jeff Gothelf

There is No Such Thing as UX Strategy. There is Only Product Strategy.

From Rosenfeld Media's Product Management + User Experience Virtual Conference.

UX strategy is part of product strategy. It is not its own thing. Calling it out as such further isolates designers from their colleagues in “the business” and in Product Management. It does nothing to actually drive the value of a holistic user experience into the org’s mainstream conversations. Instead, designers should work closely with Product Managers to inform a product strategy conversation that considers not only the UX but the business’ and product’s success factors as well.

In this talk, Jeff Gothelf—co-author of Lean UX and the forthcoming Sense and Respond—will teach you:

  • Why carving out a separate “UX” strategy is detrimental to team and product cohesion
  • How collaboration between product managers and ux designers can help frame a holistic product strategy
  • How to divide strategic responsibilities between product managers and ux designers so that everyone has their seat at the table
Headshot of Jeff Gothelf
Jeff Gothelf

A 5-Year Review of Lean UX

You’ll learn…

  • Agile UX: reduce confusion on agile teams and aim for good, iterative, user-centric designs
  • The brain of the agile process: create a foundation for evidence-based decisions—what to build, why, and how much design work is required
  • Possible in almost every environment: Lean UX is a framework capable of shaping itself to fit your needs
  • Ready for you to adopt: learn 2–3 tactics to share with your team and make the shift to integrate Lean UX