Tamara Adlin

Tamara’s Ad Hoc Personas isn’t just something she’s cooked up in her garage. She’s been refining her methods for years, working with client teams “from Apple to Zillow,” as she likes to say.

In her current work at Adlin Inc. and while working at Amazon and the Army Research Labs, she’s learned the importance of getting teams laser-focused on who their customers and users are and how those people really think and act.

It’s a no brainer that Tamara based her method off of personas, since she, along with John Pruitt, wrote one of the classic books on the topic, The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design. We’re excited to see that she’s integrating the Ad Hoc Personas technique into her new book, The Essential Persona Lifecycle, which should be available this spring.

We love following Tamara's thoughts on her blog, tamaraadlin.com, and are very excited to be working on this seminar with her.

Headshot of Tamara Adlin
Tamara Adlin

The Power of Ad Hoc Personas: Truly Practical Methods to Get Your Organization On the Same Page 

You’ll learn…

  • Guide your execs away from traditional market segments, instead grouping the users by their needs
  • Get all the execs to agree on project priorities, with the help of an old trick: the weighted matrix
  • Create design maps that collect design ideas while pointing out trouble points, all within a few hours.