Whitney Quesenbery

Combine a fascination with people and an obsession to communicate clearly and you’ve got the makings of a phenomenal UX researcher.

Now, throw in usability design experiences for organizations such as the National Cancer Institute and the New York Times, and ground-breaking research on democracy as a design problem for the Center for Civic Design, plus engaging interpersonal skills and you’ve got Whitney Quesenbery

Whitney is an authority on gathering the user insights to “design products where people matter.” In fact, she’s authored three books on the subject. The most recent, A Web for Everyone, offers practical advice on making innovative and accessible sites. Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting stories for better design and Global UX: Design and research in a connected world help practitioners keep users in mind throughout the creative process. Follow Whitney’s practical UX advice anytime on Twitter @whitneyq.

Want to hear more from Whitney? Take a look at her article, Better Accessibility Needs User Research.  

Headshot of Whitney Quesenbery
Whitney Quesenbery

Storytelling for UX

You’ll learn…

  • Realize that good storytelling takes practice
  • Let stories persuade, by letting your audience think about something new
  • Understand why the most effective stories can happen in awkward places or at inopportune times, because we're simply always telling stories
  • Understand why details you choose to leave out of your story can be as important as those you choose to include