Design Decisions

Designing in a black box isn't an option these days. Making collaborative decisions about the user experience, feature priorities, and development processes takes usability research, firm data, and positive communication techniques that our experts have got in spades.

Headshot of Jim Kalbach
Jim Kalbach

Building Consensus by Mapping Experiences

You’ll learn…

  • Get practical advice on how mapping experiences can lead to strategic conversations in your organization
  • Learn specific techniques that you can use to facilitate design conversations with business leaders
  • Gain advice on how to leverage your design skills to influence business strategy and change organizations
Headshot of Nathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis

A Tour of Today’s Online Style Guides

You’ll learn…

  • Why examples are important and the best places to find inspiration for your style guide
  • How to create style guides even when you don’t have time
  • How to see your style guide with a critical eye for the purpose of fine-tuning
  • How to understand what your organization needs from your style guide
Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

The Road to Informed Decisions

You’ll learn…

  • Tailor specialized research techniques, such as Five-Second Tests and Inherent-Value Tests
  • Build out your analysis toolbox, with easy-to-execute techniques, such as conducting a pair-wise comparison or building a weighted decision matrix
  • Bring your entire team to consensus on the most important design issues in under an hour
  • Compare multiple design alternatives using solid user research quickly and cost effectively