Interface Design

You already know that a beautiful visual interface isn't enough to compel users to engage. But what *does* make an effective interface takes a combination of a variety of factors -- from communication and decision-making to execution -- that our experts discuss in these seminars.

Headshot of David Rivers
David Rivers

Visual Design for Web Applications

You’ll learn…

  • Use key points to use as a checklist or to plan your visual design
  • Incorporate brand into your design
  • Recognize when you should be consistent, and when it’s important to be inconsistent
  • Consider new terms—Stage, interaction planes, and affordances—what they mean and why they’re important
  • Start down in the trenches of your application, rather than the dashboard or home screen
Headshot of Patrick Hofmann
Patrick Hofmann

Effective Use of Icons & Images

You’ll learn…

  • Evaluate your user interface and information, with a closer look at the icons and images used to represent information.
  • Avoid use of symbols and icons in your interfaces that confuse, offend, or even alienate your audience.
  • Better judge the inclusion, exclusion, as well as the combination of words and images in your information.
  • Create more effective toolbars, favicons, desktops, menus, and UIs with well-balanced, well-thought-out icons, images, and text.