With so many mobile phones and tablets traveling with users today, we can’t afford to design desktop-only experiences. Expand your toolbox, hear how to more easily evolve to meet our mobile reality, and learn the UX capabilities unique to touch interfaces and multi-platform experiences.

Headshot of Hagan Rivers
Hagan Rivers

Elephant in a Teapot: Enterprise Apps on Small Screens

You’ll learn…

  • Understand the value of a library of design patterns that will help you take large components like tables, searching, filtering, and forms to smaller spaces
  • Get patterns in your design process that can help you develop and refine your ideas
  • Learn how to apply an understanding of user tasks and behaviors to your application designs
  • Discover where small screens surface what is most important, while larger ones define a workspace
Headshot of Theresa Neil
Theresa Neil

Rethinking Mobile Tutorials

You’ll learn…

  • How to use five simple principles to build effective tutorials
  • Why sexy designs and feature-driven bells and whistles leave your users feeling unsatisfied and underserved
  • Why it’s futile to tack on a tutorial after the fact, and how to use terminology and statistics to sell stakeholders on effective designs right from the start
  • How to use “first time through” experiences to drive the overall voice and style of your app
Headshot of Luke Wroblewski
Luke Wroblewski

Screen Time: Multi-Device Design

You’ll learn…

  • Why understanding screens—their sizes, input types, and modes of use—is necessary before designing for them
  • Why awareness of big picture trends—like high resolution and widescreen—is important to content quality and layout
  • How to manage thorny issues like “the fold” using vertical media queries
  • How to account for multiple input types like mouse cursor, keyboard, and touch
  • How to take into account different user postures, viewing distances, and environments in your designs
Headshot of Karen McGrane
Karen McGrane

Content in a Zombie Apocalypse

You’ll learn…

  • Accommodate a growing number of mobile-only audiences—and how data shows how they behave
  • Fight the "every mobile user is like me" assumption that plagues mobile design
  • Make content accessible, navigable, and publish-able across multiple devices
  • Create a mobile content strategy that works for the people in your organization—and your users, too
Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

It’s a Great Time To Be a UX Designer

There’s never been a better time to be a designer. After years of wishing we’d have the recognition and appreciation for the value we bring, we’re now highly sought after for our talents and skills. A growing number of organizations have seen success through great design, from Apple to Cirque de Soleil to the White House. Others now want to get the same results. The demand for great designers has never been better.

Yet, as the proverb says, "Be careful for what you wish for, lest it become true." Now that everyone expects us to deliver great things, are we ready? While we’re presented with more opportunities than ever, we also have increased challenges.

Headshot of Rachel Hinman
Rachel Hinman

The Mobile Frontier

You’ll learn…

  • How to think about and create experiences that span and scale across multiple devices
  • Where natural UIs go beyond what we can do with traditional graphical UIs
  • Ways to traverse the chasm between gestures and mouse-based interactions
  • Moving from efficiency and tasks towards providing a sense of comfort and connection