Headshot of Theresa Neil
Theresa Neil

Rethinking Mobile Tutorials

You’ll learn…

  • How to use five simple principles to build effective tutorials
  • Why sexy designs and feature-driven bells and whistles leave your users feeling unsatisfied and underserved
  • Why it’s futile to tack on a tutorial after the fact, and how to use terminology and statistics to sell stakeholders on effective designs right from the start
  • How to use “first time through” experiences to drive the overall voice and style of your app
Headshot of Samuel  Hulick
Samuel Hulick

Growing Your Userbase with Better Onboarding

Frustration drives people to sign up for products in hopes of improving their lives. The space between the intolerable “before” and the ideal “after” is your project’s “improvement trajectory.” And once this is defined, it’s easier to identify key moments in the customer journey and match them to design patterns.

Samuel shares strategies that help you stop hemorrhaging signups. You’ll learn to create quality onboarding experiences that target your users’ frustrations and move them from A to B in their lives, instead of just A to B in your app.