Headshot of Margot Bloomstein
Margot Bloomstein

Combining Curation with Your Content Strategy

You’ll learn…

  • How curated content will help you execute a content strategy
  • Why a solid point-of-view drives your strategy
  • Where automated publishing tools often work against you
  • Why storytelling cultivates content for your target audience
  • How to utilize storytelling techniques to craft the best experience
  • How to avoid trouble when curating
Headshot of Noah Iliinksy
Noah Iliinksy

Information Visualization: Letting Data Tell the Story

You’ll learn…

  • Understand why visualization is powerful and popular
  • Know where there’s a difference between data visualization and infographics, and when to use each
  • Realize how visualization for analysis and for presentation differ
  • Recognize what different visualization styles exist (line, bar, pie, map, etc.) and their strengths
  • Understand what the subtlety and beauty of well designed visualizations can achieve
Headshot of Whitney Quesenbery
Whitney Quesenbery

Storytelling for UX

You’ll learn…

  • Realize that good storytelling takes practice
  • Let stories persuade, by letting your audience think about something new
  • Understand why the most effective stories can happen in awkward places or at inopportune times, because we're simply always telling stories
  • Understand why details you choose to leave out of your story can be as important as those you choose to include