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Accomplish Big Goals With Objectives & Key Results

Headshot of Christina Wodtke
Christina Wodtke
Recorded Live at Warm Gun 2014

Why Christina?

Christina Wodtke knows that dreams don’t happen without a plan and learning. She doesn’t just teach about Objectives and Key Results, she used them to change her own life. When work stress compromised her health and shadowed her ambition, OKRs gave Christina the tools to design and realize a life worth living.

Christina loves a challenge. She asks questions like how can we build together? How can we create accountability and inspire outlandish dreams? OKRs are her answer.

Christina has helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, and the New York Times. She’s the author of the bestselling book Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web and is working on a new book about OKRs. She speaks worldwide about the human experience in information spaces and writes at