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You’re Hired! Strategies for Finding the Perfect Fit

Headshot of Kim Goodwin
Kim Goodwin
Recorded Live at Warm Gun 2014

Why Kim?

Nobody has more experience bringing personas and scenarios to design teams than Kim Goodwin. Much of the modern thinking about using personas and scenarios in design came from her time while she was VP of Design at Cooper. And her book, Designing for the Digital Age, is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to ramp up their design skills to the next level.

We’ve learned that Kim has many impressive attributes, but one that jumps out at us every time is her experience. You immediately get the impression that she’s been there. Throw any design situation her way and she instantly responds with a project she’s worked on and how they got through that problem.

Kim has spoken at so many of our events, we’ve lost track. Yet we keep asking her back because every audience loves her. You and your team surely will, so save your spot today.