Ginny Redish

We’re excited about this seminar for many reasons.

Ginny is one of UIE’s most popular speakers at both our live and online events. Some of the content she’ll share comes out of the highly rated full-day workshop she did last fall at UI14.

We’re quick to tell our followers about great books and resources we’re using. Ginny’s book, Letting Go of the Words, easily makes our Top 3 all time list of must-have books for your resource library. At UIE, we each have a copy on our desk. No lie.

She presents often and all over the world. It didn’t surprise us when the IEEE Professional Communication Society conference in The Netherlands asked her to keynote their conference this past July. But here’s the cool part about this seminar. She is creating this content specially for you, the UIE audience.

Ginny shares some ideas from her book in an article she wrote for us. You can access all three parts of Breaking Up Large Documents for the Web.

Headshot of Ginny Redish
Ginny Redish

Writing Vibrant, Compelling Web Copy

You’ll learn…

  • Effectively focus on your customers, not on your organization
  • Engage site visitors with a call to action and always with action verbs
  • Create vibrant copy in just fragments or in complete, grammatically correct sentences
  • Connect your plan for copy writing to this crazy new idea people are thinking about—content strategy
  • See where the conversation plays a key role in social media