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Accessibility: A Three-Part Series from Whitney Quesenbery (20-minute seminars)

September 23, 2019
by Adam Churchill

In three short webinars, Whitney Quesenbery, cofounder of the Center for Civic Design and an expert in accessible UX, shares the secrets behind creating truly accessible products. Through insights, examples, and experiences, she illustrates the issues and explains how to build a design process that includes accessibility.

The Curb Cut Effect

Discover the importance of true accessibility and how to get there by asking one question: How do we create a good experience for everyone every time?

  • See why it’s important to put people first and design for differences
  • Learn how to get a new perspective on your product—and accessibility—by viewing it through different lenses

Watch Part 1 - 20 minutes

Accessibility Thinking

You'll gain a new understanding of accessibility and the tools to create a better, more successful product.

  • See how to set goals by asking the right questions
  • Learn how to redefine QA as it relates to accessibility
  • Find out how to get new perspectives by expanding your community

Watch Part 2 - 20 minutes

Connect to Recruit

Understand why having a diverse group of participants is important and get concrete steps to take to find them.

  • Learn the importance of finding research and usability testing participants with disabilities
  • Find out about organizations and places that can help connect you with potential participants
  • Learn how to establish respectful, fruitful relationships

Watch Part 3 - 20 minutes

This series of webinars will leave you with a new understanding of accessibility, what’s needed to achieve it, and the tools and steps to do just that.