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Collaborative Design Discovery

May 5, 2017
by Adam Churchill

Our mindset—the attitudes and assumptions we hold—influences how we work with others, how we receive criticism, and communicate. To a large degree, it can determine success.

Dan Brown shares three mindsets that he believes designers need to cultivate to work successfully in collaborative environments.

An adaptable mindset allows you to roll with the punches. You are comfortable giving the client options and adapting your techniques to the unique needs of the client and environment.

A collective mindset allows you to accept perspectives and contributions from other people on a team. You understand that other perspectives can improve your work, and that more heads are better than one.

An assertive mindset is confident without being arrogant. You can be comfortable in a situation where not all of the answers are available, but decisions need to be made based on where you are at and what you know in the moment.