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Finding Amazing User Research Participants

January 28, 2017
by Adam Churchill

User research informs the work that we do and is a critical piece to the success of the customer journey maps and buyer cycles we define for products. As Nate Bolt tells us, research shapes the success of our work, and illuminates the why, when products fall short of expectations.

There are a variety of ways that teams can recruit testing participants, from simply finding people on the street, to targeting specific audiences.  Each approach has pros and cons. The method you use for gathering participants should be informed by the type of user research you do, and the product or concept you are testing.

Eight Categories For Recruiting Research Participants

  1. First person you see
  2. Someone in your office
  3. Friends and family
  4. Craigslist, or another community
  5. Recruiting Agency
  6. Panel
  7. Facebook Ads/Twitter
  8. Live User Intercept