UX Virtual Symposium: Designing the Details - Writing, Typesetting, and Layout

In this March 23 UX Virtual Symposium, three professionals will pick apart the details for us and analyze how language patterns in the interface copy are as critical as the color palette, how the elements of typography can elevate a design, and how CSS grid is opening up the field of layout choices to designers in exciting and groundbreaking ways.

In this 3-hour online event, you'll:

  • Create interface copy that is consistent in voice and tone and that can be iterated upon across all touchpoints and channels
  • Learn about the new opportunities in layout and design that CSS Grid offers
  • Understand the elements of typography, how to shape text blocks with the right typographic choices, and how to select and apply typefaces that mirror the voice and tone of the text and message you convey

You’ll understand how layout and design, typography, typesetting, and language work together to successfully convey an experience, and what you can do optimize the look and language of your work.

Thursday, March 23, Noon ET through 3pm ET. (Find the time in your area.)

Save your spot for just $99, or invite your entire team for $249.


March 23 12:00pm ET

Writing the Interface

with Elizabeth McGuane

In this seminar, content strategist Elizabeth McGuane shares a toolkit for working with words effectively and consistently. She’ll show you her structured, systematic approach to creating language that maintains a consistent voice and tone, and that can be iterated upon across an interface.

  • Understand the difference between voice and tone
  • Maintain voice and tone across channels

March 23 1:00pm ET

Using Typography to Shape Text and Tailor Layouts

with Tim Brown

In this seminar, designer Tim Brown shows you how to improve the look of our designs. He’ll provide step-by-step advice to enhance our typographic decisions. He’ll explain how good typefaces, used in layouts that are well proportioned, can emphasize the feelings the text conveys. And he’ll help us see the differences between an off-the-shelf template and a well-considered layout.

  • Focus on typesetting
  • Craft compositions around typefaces

March 23 1:59pm ET

Designing With Grid

with Jen Simmons

In this seminar, designer Jen Simmons looks at the exciting possibilities that CSS Grid offers. She’ll explore patterns in classic graphic design, taking inspiration from the Swiss Modernists and Japanese designers. And she’ll show you how we can apply these ideas to our CSS Grid design patterns.

  • Learn what CSS Grid is, what it can do, and how you can use it
  • Take inspiration from classic graphic design

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