Virtual Seminar

Designing With Grid

March 2017

45 minutes

  • Learn what CSS Grid is, what it can do, and how you can use it
  • Take inspiration from classic graphic design

All of the design decisions you make, large and small, breathe life and character into your work. They influence the message and purpose of the product for which you are designing. A lot of websites look the same, with distinct touches made to a familiar template we’ve seen before. With CSS Grid at our fingertips, designers now have an opportunity to play with ideas that were once impossible to consider for the web.

In this seminar, designer Jen Simmons will look at the exciting possibilities that CSS Grid offers. She’ll explore patterns in classic graphic design, taking inspiration from the Swiss Modernists and Japanese designers. And she’ll show us how we can apply these ideas to our CSS Grid design patterns.

  • Learn what CSS Grid is, what it can do, and how you can use it

    • Review examples, including code, of grids used in graphic design
    • Understand what grids can do and how you can use them
  • Take inspiration from classic graphic design

    • Explore classic graphic design patterns from the Swiss modernists to Japanese designers that can inspire your page layout choices and techniques using CSS Grid
    • Analyze evolving approaches to page layouts and design

CSS Grid allows designers to rethink their work and explore new ways to use graphic design to convey a message. Designers who want to learn new approaches to page layout, developers who are writing code to support designs using CSS Grid, and others interesting in this emerging technology will benefit from the seminar.