Virtual Seminar

Solutions for A World of Countless Devices

November 2012

85 minutes

  • Dig into responsive web design
  • Consider the angle of view
  • Handle touch events and hover
  • Create within Carrier Controlled Constraints

PPK explains what you’ll learn in this 30 second preview:
Solutions for a_world _of_countless_devices from UIEpreviews

Think of all the screens we look at today—from desktop monitors and TV's to mobile phones and tablets. But how does each affect users' expectations, what influences users’ device purchase in the first place, and why is responsive design the way forward?

These are the questions Peter-Paul Koch (known as "PPK") will answer so you can craft responsive designs for our increasingly multi-device world.

Whether you are just starting to consider mobile design or are extending your organization's digital experiences into cross-channel territory, PPK will be your guide.

  • Dig into responsive web design

    You'll expand beyond the fundamental aspects of HTML and CSS.

    • See how meta-viewport and media queries make responsive designs
    • Find out why position-fixed is important to cross-platform UX
  • Consider the angle of view

    You'll never look at screen size the same way again.

    • Discover why a mobile's UI is bigger than a TV's
    • Account for the context in which users are viewing your designs
  • Handle touch events and hover

    You'll examine the unique opportunities afforded by touch interfaces.

    • Implement JavaScript click events to work on any device
    • Troubleshoot hover issues that seem to have no solution
  • Create within Carrier Controlled Constraints

    You’ll hear statistics on how users choose their devices in the first place.

    • Get the scoop on why so many users are steered toward Android phones
    • See mobile-browser, install-base, and sales market shares across devices

If you know there's more to mobile design than iPhone and Android devices, then this seminar is for you.