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Animating Experiences

March 16, 2018
by Adam Churchill

Animation is a great tool to use to direct the user’s attention toward something specific in the interface. Val Head shares examples of how companies like Fitbit animate design elements to draw the user’s attention toward specific data.

Other successful uses of animation include the way interfaces mimic natural gestures, like a form that shakes when the user tries to submit it before it is completed. The action is similar to the way we shake our heads non-verbally when something is incorrect.

Quality animation can guide users and help them see a preview of an action they want to make. For example, the way drag and drop animations will show how a layout will rearrange when you move something. Val explains that these interactions are so common we forget how complicated they are to create.

Explore the elements of successful animated interfaces and learn how to better animate your designs in the virtual seminar, UX in Motion: Principles for Creating Meaningful Animation in Interfaces with Val Head.