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Create Graphics with Meaning

March 31, 2018
by Adam Churchill

Graphics are such an important part of any design, but too often they don’t seem to have any real purpose and are just put there to look pretty and take up space. So how do you create graphics that are actually useful to your users? Here are some tips from Patrick Hofmann.

  • Before you even start to draw, have a plan. Know what it is you are trying to accomplish. This not only helps you create a better graphic, it saves you time.
  • Provide a focus of attention to allow your users process your graphic faster and easier.
  • Determine the message your users need to receive from the graphic. This helps you figure out what you want to include in the graphic and, equally important, what you want to exclude.
  • Test your graphic by looking at it and verbalizing what you see. Is the graphic you created fulfilling its purpose, or is it confusing?

When your users see that your images are useful and meaningful, they’ll rely on them to learn, so keep these steps in mind when you create graphics.

For more tips about graphics, watch Essentials of Effective Visual Design with Patrick Hofmann.