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Empowerment in an Era of Self-Validating Facts

March 8, 2018
by Adam Churchill

In Empowerment in an Era of Self-Validating Facts, brand and content strategist Margot Bloomstein digs into the challenges of cultural predisposition. With some of the biggest brands, she’s uncovering new connections in how we design for empowerment—and they’ll change the way you support, guide, and engage your users.

Watch this seminar to discover how to design for empowerment, consider timing, and embrace opposing perspectives in your content all so you can help your audience embrace the courage of their convictions, on your behalf.

  • Explore the problems caused when internal truths trump external data.
  • Meet your audience where they are with your unique voice.
  • Gain your audience’s trust by delivering the right volume and types of content.
  • Reflect and rebuild trust by empowering your audience with vulnerability.

Empower Your Audience