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Service Design for the Public Sector: A Case Study

February 8, 2018
by Adam Churchill

Service Design is about the design of services, from end-to-end communication materials, paper forms, call center scripts, to back and front-office software, and more. It’s a lot more complicated and bigger than a deliverable.

In this seminar, Chris details the challenges he and his team faced when trying to overhaul the system to book prison visits in the United Kingdom. It was a project fraught with complexity and not as easy to solve as getting people to agree on the research, or the problem.

  • Hear a real world application of service design principles that improved a public service
  • Learn how process and user-centered practices focused a team to find the right solution across a web of connected dependencies
  • Find out how a big legacy system challenge was solved by a low-tech solution
  • Explore creative ways to apply service design practices to big problems within a system

Watch this Case Study on Service Design