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Roadmaps Relaunched

February 22, 2018
by Adam Churchill

Product roadmaps offer something unique that investors, stakeholders, and even customers like to see: a clear articulation of the product’s purpose, strategy, and goals.

In Roadmaps Relaunched, Bruce McCarthy shares a brand new breed of product roadmap that focuses on results.

  • Review the components of successful product roadmaps, from a clear product vision to business objectives, themes, disclaimers, and the use of broad timeframes.
  • Establish a product vision using best practices, and learn methods for accurately prioritizing goals and features in your roadmap.
  • Hear tips for how to obtain buy-in for your roadmap, presenting and sharing it with teams and stakeholders.
  • Learn the dos and don’ts for developing your roadmap and see examples of the many forms that roadmaps can take, from Kanban boards to a slide deck.
  • Get access to a free roadmap health assessment checklist, and tips for getting started on your new and improved roadmap.

Develop a Successful Product Roadmap