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Would Working Remotely Work for You?

December 18, 2015
by Adam Churchill

In 2014, remote job postings increased by 26% over 2013. If you’re not among the ranks of workers who can clock in while wearing their bathrobes, that could change in the near future. Are you suited to the life? Not everybody is.

People who do best in remote working situations tend to share similar characteristics. They prefer to work independently. They’re highly motivated and self-disciplined, trustworthy and responsible. They don’t need someone else to give them a task list.

Happy remote workers thrive in results-driven environments. They don’t want to be chained to their laptop from 9–5 when they do their best work before dawn or after midnight. If the most important thing is that they deliver their work on time, why should it matter when they do their work? Or how many hours a day it takes?

If everything above sounds like you, and you’re lucky enough to have an employer that’s willing to let you work remotely, give it a try.

Adapted from Do Great Work From Anywhere, a Virtual Seminar by Scott Berkun.