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Writing Mighty Microcopy

January 15, 2016
by Adam Churchill

Consider these bits of ubiquitous microcopy: tweet, like, poke, friend, share, and follow.


Would sending 140 characters of wit, wisdom, information, and insight be as much fun if you just hit “send?” Can you really “like” a post about someone’s lost cat?
Des Traynor says, “Words and interface give context to the actions that your users will take, and the relationships that form.” The way you describe core components of your product can have a huge impact on whether it succeeds or fails.


Microcopy matters. Labels influence relationships, and language drives behavior. A little something to remember the next time you’re writing instructional content, assistive text, button labels, and text field labels.


Adapted from: “Microcopy that Strengthens Your Design’s Experience,” a Virtual Seminar by Des Traynor.