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Expert: Ben Sauer

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Ben has an English degree, but don't hold that against him. He specializes in research and product strategy for companies large and small across the world, including the BBC, Penguin Random House, and also mentors startups. Organisations hire Ben to upgrade their design skills and design culture. Recently he’s been writing about voice interfaces and speaking on the subject with audiences across Europe.

As a UX designer, Ben particularly excels at developing digital strategy within organizations, in particular, he helps plan and design the impact a particular business culture has on users and customers.

Headshot of Ben Sauer
Ben Sauer

Designing Dialogue: an Intro to VUI Design

Headshot of Ben Sauer
Ben Sauer

A new frontier is opening up in UX design: voice! Products like Amazon's Echo and Google Home offer designers a new place to play, and new skills to learn. If GUI design is 80% design and 20% testing, VUI is 20% design and 80% testing. In this 90-minute seminar, learn about the design process, get busy crafting dialogue, and learn some fundamental principles. You'll see just how different the design methods are, and what the 'Wizard of Oz' testing method is. Come find your inner bot!

This is a tried and tested, fun, practical seminar. You'll learn:

• Fundamental concepts of VUI (it's all about error-handling!)
• How VUI design differs from GUI design
• How to create sample dialogue and test your ideas
• Process overview