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Expert: Larry Constantine

Headshot of Larry Constantine

Larry Constantine, IDSA, is an award-winning designer specializing in interaction design and techniques for enhancing user performance in complex performance-critical applications. A persistent innovator with a string of patents in human-machine interaction to his credit, he is an internationally recognized leader in design methodology and product usability.

With Lucy Lockwood, he developed usage-centered design, the widely practiced model-driven process based on essential use cases. He has published more than 150 articles and papers and 17 books in both the human sciences and computer sciences, including, with Lucy Lockwood, Software for Use, winner of the Jolt Award as best book of 1999. His papers have been widely reprinted and his books have been translated into nine languages.

Highly regarded as a presenter and teacher, he has taught in 20 countries and keynoted numerous international conferences. His clients have included leading technology companies around the world. He is Chief Scientist with Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd., the design, training, and consulting firm he co-founded, and director of LabUSE, the Laboratory for Usage-centered Software Engineering, a research and development group based at the University of Madeira, Funchal, Portugal.

Headshot of Larry Constantine
Larry Constantine

Don't Panic: Design and Usability Under Impossible Pressure

Headshot of Larry Constantine
Larry Constantine

What You’ll Learn

  • Leverage Sample-of-One Testing to increase valuable information from just one user
  • Improve your time-boxed project management techniques to conduct design activities faster and push your design team to the limits of agility and ingenuity
  • Take advantage of the decision triage, identify your design's most important features and focus resources on those areas
  • Pare down your field research efforts while still learning everything you need to create a successful design
  • Use tactical modeling techniques to quickly capture insights about users and their needs
  • Identify key information about your users and learn not to waste time on unproductive design activities