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Expert: Tim Brown

Headshot of Tim Brown

Tim Brown is one of those unique people who can break down complex topics and make them understandable. And amid the explosion of font foundries and screen sizes, that’s just the kind of guide we designers need on our side.

Tim is a designer, writer, speaker, and toolmaker, with a focus on typography. As Head of Typography for Adobe Typekit and Adobe Type, he advises customers and partners, and produces Typekit Practice— a place where novices and experts alike can hone their typographic skills. Tim has spoken about typography to sold-out crowds at conferences around the world, and has written about CSS locks, type rendering on the web, and using OpenType features.

Prior to joining Typekit, Tim was a web designer at Vassar College, where he first developed his expansive knowledge of typefaces, their histories, and their unique characteristics. So his background spans designs for small to enterprise-level audiences, as you’ll soon learn for yourself.

But to get more of what Tim knows in the meantime, follow him on Twitter @nicewebtype.

Headshot of Tim Brown
Tim Brown

The Transformative Power of Typography and Graphic Design

Headshot of Tim Brown
Tim Brown

What You’ll Learn

  • How to bake high-level typography and graphic design concepts into our work
  • Why typography can help us understand responsive design and where in history we can find inspiration and guidance
  • Which rules and when using them can prepare web compositions for various scenarios
  • Why it’s important to practice graphic and typographic design