Virtual Seminar

Gaining Design Insights from Your Research Recruiting Process

October 2013

89 minutes

  • Implement a proven methodology for participant recruiting
  • Find participants who are invested in your designs
  • Focus on behavior first
  • Meet users you didn't know you had

Your team just grabbed the most convenient body to answer some questions about your design. How'd that work out for you?

Real user research—the kind that doesn't waste everybody's time—means finding qualified people whose feedback shapes your business. That involves a more strategic recruiting process; one that might be shorter and less budget-intensive than you think.

Fortunately, Dana Chisnell knows what it takes to get the right people for a research study, by using open-ended interviews with respondents instead of screening questionnaires. And in this seminar, she'll teach you her repeatable process for finding and interviewing real users to get great data.

As a result, your team will be able to learn faster, design better, and smile a whole lot more.

  • Implement a proven methodology for participant recruiting

    • Keep the data collection human and flexible by considering variations on user profiles
    • Expand your participant pool—without biasing it—using techniques like crowdsourcing
  • Find participants who are invested in your designs

    • Ask open-ended questions that help you expand your understanding of who your users are
    • Implement snowball recruiting to get more participants without more overhead
  • Focus on behavior first

    • Prioritize motivations over demographic data (which aren't a proxy for user behavior)
    • Discover variations in user profiles and how they influence behaviors you're trying to observe
  • Meet users you didn't know you had

    • Understand where people start before they get to your design
    • Hear case studies of organizations whose perspectives shifted when they got the right users in the room

Watch for this seminar if you:

  • Would recruit your own research participants if it wasn't so painful and confusing
  • Are sick of no-shows (especially after spending time scheduling interviews)
  • Want to understand your users, their motivations, and their expectations

Want Dana’s secrets to recruiting users and increasing your show rates? You'll want to watch this seminar.