Virtual Seminar

Making UX Work with Agile Scrum Teams

September 2014

86 minutes

  • Learning from teams who’ve “been there, done that”
  • Increasing the value of UX in your organization
  • Getting scrum teams involved in UX

Where does UX design fit into sprints? How do companies let go of waterfall methodology?

If you’re struggling to confidently and clearly answer either of these questions, then it’s time to register for Aviva Rosenstein’s seminar.

You’ll learn how to clarify roles and responsibilities, and more effectively track and estimate UX work. You’ll also hear case studies of companies that brought teams together to work more collaboratively, iteratively, and harmoniously in an Agile process.

  • Learning from teams who’ve “been there, done that”

    • Common problems that plague UX design in Agile--and how to overcome them
    • Effective techniques that enterprise teams use to integrate UX design within Agile
    • Bridge communication gaps that prevent teams from feeling connected
  • Increasing the value of UX in your organization

    • Enlist the help of key stakeholders to clarify your role and responsibilities
    • Discuss expectations and goals early, and focus conversations on user needs
    • Facilitate brief intros among different team members at pre-determined milestones
  • Getting scrum teams involved in UX

    • Ways to get feedback on design and cultivate team participation in design activities
    • Clarify the definition of “done” so everyone owns product quality
    • Include the team’s goals and needs in sprint retrospectives

Attend this seminar if you:

  • Are launching fragmented designs that don’t truly serve users’ needs
  • Need to reduce conflicts over product quality and stop the cycle of bug fixes
  • Are trying to get your scrum teams more involved in UX design activities
  • Want to hear how other teams make Agile and UX play nicely together

If your product discussions feel more like territorial battles than progressive UX design, you'll want your team participating in this seminar.