Virtual Seminar

Meetings Are A Design Problem

69 minutes

  • Accept meetings as a design problem
  • Apply design thinking to specific types of meetings
  • Achieve outcomes with the right agenda

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We’ve all suffered through meetings that ran too long, lacked an agenda, focus, or goals. We’ve accepted invites, shown up, taken a seat, and left meetings still unsure as to why we were there in the first place. Meetings get a bad rap, and not undeserved.

In this seminar, Kevin Hoffman applies design thinking to the problem of how we meet. The solution to any design problem, Kevin explains, shows intention while creatively working within constraints.

If you’ve been quietly, or not so quietly, frustrated with the way meetings are held in your organization, you are among friends here. Kevin will break things down and discuss strategies for building agendas, cracking departmental silos in meetings, using time and people effectively.

  • Accept meetings as a design problem

    • Understand how meetings fit the definition of a design problem
    • Work creatively within the constraints of your organization
    • Use design thinking to improve the way you conduct meetings
  • Apply design thinking to specific types of meetings

    • Ask better questions and define problems that arise in Sales Meetings
    • Facilitate better Kickoff Meetings
    • Improve your approach to Check-ins, Standups, Workshops, Retrospectives and Blameless Postmortems
  • Achieve outcomes with the right agenda

    • Identify when you have the right agenda to plan a meeting
    • Learn how to build an agenda in real-time during a meeting if you don’t have one
    • Treat meetings as something you can iterate upon

If you are a user experience professional, product or project manager, designer, or anyone who facilitates meetings and wants to approach them a little differently, this is a good seminar for you.