Virtual Seminar

Designing Remotely

August 2015

83 minutes

  • Strategize for people and their contexts
  • Gather tools
  • Rethink process
  • Manage outcomes

While remote work is on the rise, creative disciplines present unique challenges for remote collaboration. The visual interaction and open environment needed for creative work can be tricky to achieve in virtual settings.

Some design teams can't imagine remote scenarios fitting their culture. But effective remote design collaboration is possible, and Jim Kalbach wants to show you how. Join this seminar to address common obstacles and make remote design work for you.

  • Strategize for people and their contexts

    • Explore challenges of different remote situations (split, mixed, and fully
      remote teams)
    • Get tips to plan collaboration around remote colleagues—think digital first
  • Gather tools

    • Scout tools specifically built for remote design, perfect for remote sketching and idea sharing
    • Review some of Jim’s favorite tools and what he’s learned about each
  • Rethink process

    • Discover how a digital-first mentality can address obstacles in advance
    • Find solutions for complex remote activities like breakout groups and brainstorming
  • Manage outcomes

    • Know when the remote process is working and maintain the quality, effectiveness, and discipline of offline settings
    • Leverage digital technology to enhance the results of your collaborative work

Watch this seminar if you want to:

  • Get perspective and practical advice to handle different remote situations
  • Reduce behavior and process friction to encourage remote work
  • Discover tools for a digitally defined workplace
  • Unpack remote design case studies

Jim covers both cases studies to learn from and tools you can use to make remote collaboration happen.

What about time-zones and capturing results digitally? How do we organize digital artifacts and promote content, connected teams? Jim is excited to talk with you about all of this and more. Come prepared to leave as a remote design evangelist.

You'll want to hear more from Jim for sure. Take a look at his thoughts on "Effective Remote Design" or "Mapping Experiences: Five Key Questions to Get Started."