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Expert: Stephanie Rewis

Headshot of Stephanie Rewis

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis is a prominent front-end developer, corporate trainer, and noted champion of web standards. She’s written some awesome books, like Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4, contributes regularly to magazines like .NET, Web Designer Magazine and Computer Arts. A born teacher, she’s a highly regarded, in-demand trainer of corporate web teams of all sizes.

As an expert consultant brought in by clients and agencies to handle difficult projects, or as a top-notch lead web developer through her company W3Conversions, she’s worked with a dazzling spectrum of organizations from Newsweek, MLB, Adobe, New York Magazine, Freelancers Union, California State University Fresno,, and Quiznos to Disney’s “TRON” — and for a lively bunch of startups. A vibrant, gregarious speaker at conferences worldwide, she zeroes in on the practical problem-solving that audiences are eager to hear.

Oh, and if you’ve gotta have more, Stephanie, with her husband Greg Rewis, will be teaching a full-day workshop at our UI16 Conference this fall: HTML5 and CSS3 – What Designers Need To Know.

Although she loves making websites fast-loading and lean, she loves beach volleyball and sailing even more. She spent her most recent vacation achieving the title of Almighty Catamaran Charter Captain, so it’s more likely you’ll catch up with her in the sands of the Caribbean than the sands of her business headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. She lives with her husband, Greg Rewis and three of their four boys. Her hobby, if only she had time? Studying brain function. Her guilty pleasure? Eighties music. "And I ran...I ran so far away..."

You can follow Stephanie on Twitter.