Virtual Seminar

Minimizing Design Risk with The Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

August 2014

90 minutes

  • Creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Testing your MVP
  • Going through 9 pivots
  • Bringing experiments into your culture

If your team has been practicing some form of Agile or Scrum, it likely has a very loose definition of an MVP, a Minimal Viable Product.

The question is, are you launching MVPs at the end of each sprint, or are you launching “whatever we were able to fit into a 2-week sprint cycle?”

If your iteration planning tends to focus on timelines, feature sets, and estimates--rather than on the value to the customer of whatever you’re building - then it’s time to spend 90 minutes with Will Evans.

Will knows that underestimation, scope creep, and overlooked use cases are part of the Agile methodology just as much as Waterfall. That’s why he coaches teams to adapt their thinking to Lean principles and creating low-fidelity MVPs, testing them in low-risk ways, and iterating on them until users unquestionably “get it.”

  • Creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

    • The definition, characteristics, and benefits of the 5 different kinds of MVPs
    • What to include/not include in an MVP, criteria for experimentation and measurement
  • Testing your MVP

    • Innovation Accounting: The expectation of the user behavior and the reality
    • Active Decision-Making: What to do next if you get a negative outcome in your experiments
  • Going through 9 pivots

    • The pivot: What it is, how to recognize it, and when to do it
    • Different types of pivots, including customer-focused and scope-focused pivots
  • Bringing experiments into your culture

    • Ways to pitch the benefits of Lean’s “Build, Measure, Learn” cycle to stakeholders
    • How to collaborate with teams and create customer value across organizational silos

Attend this seminar if you:

* Want your products to get more use--and maybe spawn new products, too
* Are tired of endless sprints that still take months or years to launch
* Have heard of MVPs but aren’t sure how to define or build them
* Think “pivots” apply only to Silicon Valley startups (they don’t)

If your team is more focused on “ship date” than creating real customer value, watch this seminar.