Virtual Seminar

The Design Choices You Make for Information

Thursday, May 17

90 minutes

11:39am ET

  • Use charts and graphs differently
  • Choose colors that work (literally)
  • Spot lies in data
  • Tell one story in the best way possible

Designers creating data visualizations typically fall into one of two camps: Those who prioritize data over graphics, and those who prioritize graphics over data.

No matter your preference, Brian Suda's got pragmatic tips and techniques to help you create cruft-free visualizations that let your data truly sing. Drawing on his experiences in corporate environments, he'll describe specific methods you can use to select, structure, and design your information.

The end result? Powerful data visualizations that tell one story-and tell it well.

  • Use charts and graphs differently

    You'll see examples of some awesome—and some not so awesome—visualizations.

    • Consider the breadth of graphics available and uses for each
    • Describe two types of stories using a single bar graph
  • Choose colors that work (literally)

    Your designs will be seen and recalled by more people.

    • Select colors that are accessible to people with color blindness
    • Capitalize on contrast and depth while avoiding common mistakes
  • Spot lies in data

    You'll watch how information can be misrepresented.

    • See how graphics and data can affect one another—for better or worse
    • Find out how Steve Jobs once represented Apple's iPhone sales
  • Tell one story in the best way possible

    You'll take away new techniques to apply in your daily work.

    • Learn to communicate information without
    • Adapt your data and graphic selection process to focus on a single idea

Data visualization is hugely popular these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s always done well! Become a data-viz wiz with help from Brian by registering now.

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