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Topic: Data Visualization

Communicating data graphically is storytelling. But what data should you use, how do you craft the proper visual representation for that data, and what’s the ideal outcome for the visualization? Find out how to answer these questions and get your teams onboard, too.

Headshot of Noah Iliinksy
Noah Iliinksy

Information Visualization: Letting Data Tell the Story

Headshot of Noah Iliinksy
Noah Iliinksy

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand why visualization is powerful and popular
  • Know where there’s a difference between data visualization and infographics, and when to use each
  • Realize how visualization for analysis and for presentation differ
  • Recognize what different visualization styles exist (line, bar, pie, map, etc.) and their strengths
  • Understand what the subtlety and beauty of well designed visualizations can achieve