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Headshot of Jeff Patton
Jeff Patton

Balancing Continuous Discovery and Delivery

From Rosenfeld Media's Product Management + User Experience Virtual Conference.

If you're a product manager or UX designer, it may seem like your work doesn't matter much, at least when compared to seeing something working and delivered. In many organizations, product and design work should happen quickly and quietly behind the scenes, and be finished in time for the development team to estimate it and get started building it. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

In this talk, Jeff Patton, author of User Story Mapping, will explain how the work we do to identify and validate what to build can take center-stage in your development approach. Jeff will explain strategies for:

  • Giving equal visibility to discovery and delivery work
  • Involving team members in day to day product discovery work
  • Keeping stakeholders informed and involved in product discovery work


You'll leave with ideas for keeping discovery and delivery work running continuously and smoothly with the whole team involved.