Virtual Seminar

Build a Winning UX Strategy from the Kano Model

October 2012

90 minutes

  • Focus on your users’ expectations
  • Spot the Kano Model at work
  • Apply the Kano Model to your UX strategy
  • Generate excitement with small investments

The Kano Model with Jared Spool from UIEpreviews

Have your users complained about the design or feature decisions your team made (or didn’t make)? If so, then take heart: Jared Spool is going to describe a better way to develop products and services.

The Kano (kahn-oh) Model focuses on users’ basic expectations first; it predicts the investment a team needs to make to elicit delight from users. Jared will talk about how your competitors, existing design debt, and the evolution of ideas from innovation to market maturity all affect how you need to design today.

So if you’ve ever been surprised by (or felt) your users’ frustration—or you just want to improve how your team makes design decisions—then don’t miss Jared’s seminar.

  • Focus on your users’ expectations

    You'll learn that experiences outweigh features.

    • Define what's meant by
    • Identify your users' basic expectations—even if you didn’t set them
  • Spot the Kano Model at work

    You'll see examples that demonstrate how investment affects results.

    • Get the basics of the Kano Model and how it predicts the optimal investment
    • See how trends like Excitement Generators and Market Maturity influence experience
  • Apply the Kano Model to your UX strategy

    You'll stop measuring satisfaction as a variable of success.

    • Identify the kind of investment in your design that returns the best user satisfaction
    • Determine which new features engage your users and which ones waste your efforts
  • Generate excitement with small investments

    You’ll meet users’ basic expectations to better achieve delightful satisfaction.

    • Approach delight by using pleasure, flow, and meaning
    • Use techniques to identify basic expectations and spot potential delighters

There are patterns in your users’ compliments and complaints. Now you can predict them with help from Jared and the Kano Model.