Virtual Seminar

Give Your Users a Seat at the Table: The Characteristics of Effective Personas

May 2012

90 minutes

  • Ensure your personas pack a punch
  • Lead purposeful, transparent interviews
  • Channel personas through first-person stories
  • Make UX design decisions differently

You already know that personas are a tool, not a goal. But involving stakeholders in the creative process and evolving personas throughout the project lifecycle can be, well, challenging.
So if you want to use personas more fully, where do you start?

With Whitney Quesenbery, of course! She'll show you the Characteristics of Effective Personas and describe how to use them for improving user experiences. You'll learn to bridge research with design, lead collaborative brainstorming activities with teams, and build products that users will love.

  • Ensure your personas pack a punch

    You'll see how stories can complement, expand, and explore persona data.

    • Describe experiences using context, motivation, and emotion
    • Find out how personas can inspire usability test scenarios
  • Lead purposeful, transparent interviews

    You'll get meaningful answers from your users to enlighten teams and stakeholders.

    • Conduct effective interviews with role play and exploration techniques
    • Discuss learnings openly, with the entire team, to identify patterns and gaps in personas
  • Channel personas through first-person stories

    You'll recognize empathy as a vital element to user experience design.

    • Write stories that describe personas' desires, reactions, and histories
    • Lead group workshops to define tasks and expected paths for each persona
  • Make UX design decisions differently

    You'll balance business needs and constraints with personas' goals.

    • Vet a feature's value against persona goals and resource availability
    • Recruit and involve representative users in the feature prioritization process

Give your users a seat at the table by weaving personas into your daily work. Register today to learn how, and take advantage of a special offer.