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Expert: Bill DeRouchey

Headshot of Bill DeRouchey

Be informal. Be yourself. Be silly. Easily stated, but how do you do it? Bill explains why speaking with your customers as peers is the best way to promote this connection. This presentation blew the audience away at the 2009 Web App Summit. Evaluations consistently said, “excellent, insightful, entertaining. Fantastic presentation and slide deck.”

Bill has over fifteen years of experience as a writer, information architect, product manager, coder, and interaction designer. Yup, he’s done it all. As Director of Interaction Design at Ziba Design, he is fortunate to work on a variety of challenges, from handheld satellite radios and medical devices to community websites, interactive spaces and product architectures.

Bill also writes about the variety and history of interaction design in everyday experiences on his blog, Push Click Touch. He is determined to stretch how people think about interaction design, from beyond the pure digital to any interaction between humans and the artifacts they create.

Headshot of Bill DeRouchey
Bill DeRouchey

Designing Humanity into your products

Headshot of Bill DeRouchey
Bill DeRouchey

What You’ll Learn

  • Avoid the formal tone, creating an imbalance of power in the company-to-customer relationship
  • Take a step forward, creating slack in your relationship with customers, and learn why that’s key in having a solid brand
  • Show customers there are real people looking out for them, making the products they use
  • Be the most human when your customers are the most challenged and need the most help