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Expert: Steve Fisher

Headshot of Steve Fisher

Steve Fisher started out as a web designer in 1994. He quickly became focused on improving the experience for everyone using the projects he worked on. He caught the UX bug and never looked back. Steve has used responsive design to make web projects more accessible across devices and improve the quality of UX on the web.

Founding The Republic of Quality provided him the opportunity to work with different teams and with more freedom than ever to help organizations understand how to make better decisions. Steve has worked with small and large groups to help them understand how their content can and should be used. His content modelling workshops are about unifying teams and resolving conflict as much as they’re about wrangling site content for responsive design.

View Steve’s virtual seminar and see your content in a new light. Follow him on Twitter @hellofisher.

Looking for more on responsive content modeling? Steve's got two articles on the topic: Responsive Modeling — Part 1 and Responsive Modeling — Part 2