Kate Gomoll

Kate Gomoll is an expert in the field of interface design and usability and is widely known for her practical, straightforward approach to research and design. She is Principal and founder of Gomoll Research & Design, a consulting firm specializing in user experience design. Gomoll Research & Design has conducted customer research for a broad range of clients, including: Charles Schwab, Compaq, DIRECTV, Hewlett-Packard, GE Healthcare, Onyx Software, Netscape, and MSN TV. Kate’s user observation guidelines have appeared in The Art of Human Computer Interface Design and The Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines.

Kate teaches customer research methods at conferences and workshops worldwide. She has been a frequent presenter at UIE’s User Interface conferences, the Usability Professionals Association conferences, as well as at SIGCHI. For seven years, Kate taught field study methods as part of a three-day workshop for UCLA Extension.

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Kate Gomoll

Field Studies: The Ultimate Tool in Your Usability Toolbox

You’ll learn…

  • Plan, set up, and run a field study, from getting buy-in to communicating results
  • Determine user groups to observe through collection of demographic information, customer lists, data from outside market research firms, surveys, and screeners
  • Efficiently observe and interview users to gather the most pertinent data
  • Collect and analyze solid user data to determine “what is” and “what could be”
  • Use process storyboards, user data posters, artifacts, photos, and workflow diagrams to create compelling, useful deliverables from the mountains of user data collected from field studies
  • Sell the field research process within your organization and convince key stakeholders of the importance of user research