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Expert: Joshua Porter

Headshot of Joshua Porter

Joshua Porter is the brains behind the popular design blog,, and he recently wrote the book Designing for the Social Web. Having worked as a Research Consultant at User Interface Engineering for five years, he started Bokardo Design in 2007, where he focuses exclusively on social web applications. His expertise on designing social experiences is sought by companies around the world.

You'll want to attend this critically important seminar if your team struggles with enticing your users to take the next step in long-term engagement, whether it's subscribing , purchasing , or joining your offering. If your organization needs to implement a strategy that overcomes the customer's natural resistance and engages them with your products and services, you won't want to miss this presentation.

Headshot of Joshua Porter
Joshua Porter

Social Design: Designing for the Social Lives of Users

Headshot of Joshua Porter
Joshua Porter

What You’ll Learn

  • Why creating powerful social software is not as simple as adding features like a "friends list" or a "product review".
  • How Flickr, Craigslist, and MySpace take advantage of social design principles, including the notion of designing for constant change.
  • How knowing a little about social psychology can go a long way toward providing valuable social environments.
  • How the most successful sites and applications balance personal value for users with the opportunity to provide social value for others.