Virtual Seminar

Sketching for Understanding

January 2013

85 minutes

  • Sketch with purpose
  • Sketch within large teams
  • Sketch with remote teams

"Show, don't tell" is a phrase often heard these days. With collaborative sketching techniques to orient and unify teams, it's no surprise that you are embracing sketches to explore design ideas earlier in a creative process.

But what are your goals for sketching, and how do they translate to your organization or team? And what are some great techniques you can start using right now?

Find out from Nathan Curtis of EightShapes. He'll lead you through the processes, people, and purposes behind different types of sketches. Whether you're trying to sell your ideas, crystallize disparate discussions, or engage remote teams in UX decision-making, you'll be glad you've got Nathan—and loads of new sketching exercises—on your side.

  • Sketch with purpose

    You'll see where sketching fits—and explore the tools of the trade.

    • Create low- or high-fidelity sketches depending upon your goals
    • Organize sketches using details like titles, colors, and labels
    • Go from sketches to prototypes when selling multi-platform, functional design ideas
  • Sketch within large teams

    You'll dig into Design Studios and critique.

    • Form multidisciplinary teams and assign them activities
    • Connect group objectives to ideas, then pitch them effectively
    • Structure critiques to be a positive and encourage exploration
  • Sketch with remote teams

    You'll use IPEVO beyond in-studio settings to include peers
    and clients from afar.

    • Configure your local environment to accommodate remote sketching
    • Conduct remote studios, standups, and reviews
    • Capture, share, and discuss ideas without needing your inbox