Nathan Curtis

Nathan Curtis has been swimming in the deep end of the UX pool since 1996, when he started focusing his creative energies on IA, ID, usability, and front-end development. He's also an entrepreneur at heart, having founded the renowned EightShapes in Washington, DC, where he continues to make a splash today.

Nathan, who authored Modular Web Design, has presented several UIE Virtual Seminars on prototyping and sketching, and led daylong workshops at our live conferences. His featured talk from UI17, Fearless Prototyping for Skeptics, is also available here in All You Can Learn. 

Follow Nathan on Twitter (@nathanacurtis the person, @components the book, @8sunify the documentation system) and LinkedIn.

Want to hear more from Nathan? Check out his articles on "Team Models for Scaling a Design System" and "A Design System isn't a Project. It's a product, Serving Products." 

Headshot of Nathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis

From PDFs to HTML Prototypes

You’ll learn…

  • Understand how and when HTML prototypes can fit into your design process
  • Honestly assess your front-end coding skills and how you can progressively enrich your capabilities to make valuable contributions
  • Recognize what you really need to prototype, balance it against other artifacts you’re creating, and identify when you’re spinning out of control
  • Understand why in most successful projects, it’s not about the skills or deliverable, but about the process and collaboration with your teammates and stakeholders