Virtual Seminar

Designing for Micro-moments

May 2013

86 minutes

  • Design interactions from conversations
  • Focus on “how” rather than “what”
  • Integrate micro-moments by starting your process from the bottom up

Micro-moments are the smallest units of interaction in an online experience; like when automatically activates the return-date calendar after you’ve entered your departure date. It’s so smart!

Do you want to find your micro-moments and make frictionless experiences from them?

Of course you do! And consider Stephen Anderson your Sherlock Holmes, because he’s the detective who identifies micro-moments and maps them to bigger customer journeys. He’ll tell you how to design interactions as conversations that you can anticipate and direct. Plus, you’ll learn how to integrate micro-moment design into your existing workflow.

  • Design interactions from conversations

    You'll see real examples of why micro-moments make people very happy or very frustrated.

    • Think of interactions as conversations as a way to focus on the content first
    • “Role play in the browser” to identify which moments stick with you and which fall flat
  • Focus on “how” rather than “what”

    You'll hear why Stephen thinks our UX industry is going down some dangerous paths.

    • Differentiate between good versus good-enough design
    • Dig into the “why” of your designs—rather than only satisfying requirements
  • Integrate micro-moments by starting your process from the bottom up

    You’ll stop using the information architecture as the driving force behind your designs.

    • Dive into the micro-moments before mapping them to the overall flow
    • Find out how to make common micro-moments better