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Expert: Stephen Anderson

Headshot of Stephen Anderson

We’ve been following Stephen’s work for a few years now, and the audiences loved his talk at this year’s Web App Masters Tour. If you missed the tour stops, here’s your opportunity to see some great new thinking on complex information visualization.

Stephen has explored the art and science of integrating seductive interactions into applications. We know you’ll enjoy his great new thinking on using psychology within your design.

He is the mastermind behind Mental Notes card deck, and is the author of a must have for your library, Seductive Interactions from New Riders Press.

There’s real insight in Stephen's thinking, which he’s tested out in his project work for folks like Frito-Lay, Chesapeake Energy, Sabre Travel Network, and Nokia. You can check out his thinking at his site, POETPAINTER.

Headshot of Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson

The Architecture of Understanding

Headshot of Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson

What You’ll Learn

  • Context and Coordination—How do we design for experiences that span people, artifacts, and environments?
  • Connected Devices—Disruptive experiences will get devices and sensors to talk seamlessly to each other. What’s needed to design for these devices?
  • Interaction Techniques—What are interaction patterns universally present in GUIs, touchscreens, wearables, and whatever the future throws at us? And how do these interactions lead to understanding?