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Expert: Brad Frost

Headshot of Brad Frost

If you’ve ever seen Brad Frost onstage, then you’ll know his passion and enthusiasm for responsive design is matched only by his practical working knowledge for the subject.

But if you haven’t yet seen him, then get ready -- he’s a coach, vocal leader, and partial comedian who makes learning fun and functional.

Brad is known for his work in designing responsive sites for huge content sites such as Entertainment Weekly and TechCrunch. He's helped create the super-popular resources This is Responsive, Pattern Lab, and WTFMobileWeb.

So if your team talks about designing mobile-first, content-first, responsively, adaptively, or progressively … well, it’s time to decipher what all of those mean in practice and process alike.

And Brad is the best guide you could hope to have.

Want to hear more from Brad? Explore his thoughts on "Style Guide Best Practices."

Headshot of Brad Frost
Brad Frost

Working With Atomic Design

Headshot of Brad Frost
Brad Frost

What You’ll Learn

  • Identify the basic design elements that make up your website
  • Use these elements to create smart, scalable, maintainable designs
  • Convince everyone back at the office to ditch ad-hoc design and embrace a pattern-based workflow
  • Unite disparate teams and departments to build designs that deliver a consistent experience across multiple platforms