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Expert: Carolyn Snyder

Headshot of Carolyn Snyder

Carolyn Snyder is a user experience consultant who specializes in qualitative usability testing. In the past 20 years, she has conducted upwards of 1000 usability tests on a wide variety of web sites/applications, mobile phone applications, paper forms, and consumer products. Her clients are diverse, spanning the financial, healthcare, education, and technology sectors.

Carolyn is the author Paper Prototyping, the Fast and Easy Way to Design and Refine User Interfaces. Her philosophy of “Teach, not preach,” is a favorite among people who want truly want to become better practitioners of user research. (As you’ll soon find out for yourself.)

Headshot of Carolyn Snyder
Carolyn Snyder

Paper Prototyping: Streamlining the User-Centered Design Process

Headshot of Carolyn Snyder
Carolyn Snyder

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of early feedback in the design process
  • How to create a paper prototype and who should be involved in the creation process
  • When it is most beneficial for your design team to use paper prototyping and what kinds of interfaces can be prototyped
  • When images help and when they get in the way
  • How paper prototyping is related to usability testing and what paper prototyping will and will not find when conducting a usability test
  • How to facilitate a paper prototype usability test, from room set-up to reporting test results